4 Brand-Building Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business

4 Brand-Building Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business

How to Create a Powerful Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategy

The most effective marketing tools that marketers can use nowadays are social media. From tweets on Facebook to posts on Twitter and sharing your goods or services through websites that use social media is an excellent way to build brand awareness engagement, sales and leads.

Many are stuck in the dark regarding marketing through Instagram.

A lot users utilize Instagram as an account for personal use to share pictures of our families vacations, friends, and food , but how can it be tied to business? Is it a good idea?

With the speed at which Instagram is expanding, don’t undervalue the power of Instagram to enhance your business and marketing efforts.

It has become an incredible marketing tool and, despite the fact that 18-29 year olds remain prominent users, those of higher group of people are getting on board and are catching up quickly.

A few 2018 Instagram statistics obtained from Sprout Social are telling:

* 7 of the 10 hashtags available on Instagram are associated with brands

The majority of Instagram users follow businesses on Instagram

A majority (65%) of the most successful Instagram posts are about products.

If you are feeling the desire to explore Instagram as a part of your social media marketing plan Take a look at these basic tips to start:

Use Hashtags Wisely

It’s not necessary to include each hashtag that you could think up into one article However, you must include at the very least a handful.

An hashtag can be defined as the # symbol that is followed by descriptive words about your image. In this case I used #marketing and #ctaconf. This is the event I was going to at the time.

If a user taps or clicks an hashtag or type an hashtag in the search bar, it will bring up all images that utilize the hashtag. Users can also sign up to keep following the hashtag.

The goal is that the person who visits your picture, visit your profile, and in the best case scenario follow you and become interested in your content!

When hashtags are very popular, the competition to appear in search results is intense. Like SEO keywords that are more popular, the more popular the term more difficult to remain at the top of the results. Therefore, my strategy of using #marketing was ineffective if I wanted to make any impact from the blog post.

You need to ensure that your hashtags are relevant to your company and your location, yet interesting enough to draw the attention of users who will type them into Instagram’s search box.

For example:

* Imagine you own an establishment that serves pizza in Vancouver. You upload a picture from your Pepperoni pizza, using hashtags #Vancouver’sBestPizza #NicolosRest

You’re an Toronto wedding organizer. You post an image of a bride and groom’s first dance with the hashtags #TorontoWeddingPlanner #LoveWins #WinterWedding

Special events and holidays are the perfect opportunity to advertise your company and increase your Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sales day during Black Friday, a Thanksgiving-related application for your product, or a shout-out to your product on National Dog Day, they are all great opportunities to promote your image in a non-salesy fashion.

Thank Your Audience for Showing Up

It’s not enough to post a handful of pictures instagram panel and hashtags , and then wait for likes to pour into.

To grow your Instagram followers, interact with your followers and increase leads or sales it is important to invest the effort.

Here is an example by video expert Michele Moreno where she responds to all comments on her video.

If anyone leaves comments or asks questions on your blog Take the time to respond and thank them/answer the question.

Have a look at their profile and If you like what you find, follow them on Twitter.

Companies often first follow commenters hoping that they will repay the favor.

It is also possible to search for those who may like your products Then, comment on their posts or follow them on Twitter, but do not bombard them with messages that request to follow you straight now.

Engage with the right influencers

Influencers can be Instagram followers that influence your targeted viewers due to their popularity, or their followers on social media.

Danielle Bernstein is a good example of an influencer that worked for a brand. It’s possible that you don’t know her name but she has 1.8 million followers on the Instagram account WeWoreWhat.

Bernstein along with FIJI Water worked together to collaborate on BodyWoreWhat an advertising campaign featuring workout videos lasting 8 minutes with her as well as the personal trainer she has hired.

It’s an extreme case, but unless you’ve got a lot of money, you’re unlikely get an influencer who has more than 2 million fans.

But don’t despair. From local food bloggers to mommy bloggers You’ll always be able to find an individual that your intended public follows, admires or is awed by. Perhaps they’re willing to give you a testimonial or snap a photo with the product – just use your imagination!

Don’t Just Shill Your Products

Instagram is not the right platform to just share images of products constantly. Consider the experience that people are having using the product you’re selling as well as the advantages it offers customers.

Better yet, present real-life examples. Inviting users to contribute content from your followers is one method to accomplish this. This means that people upload their pictures using the hashtag you set.

The furniture retailer online Wayfair.com is a master at generating user-generated content well. They run a campaign by users which allows customers to share pictures of their homes that are stylishly furnished by Wayfair by using the hashtag #WayfairAtHome.

Make sure you let your followers be aware that their photos could appear on your profile and that you could grow your Instagram content dramatically at no cost!

However you choose to make use of Instagram to promote your business, make sure you are genuine and authentic to your brand. This is what Instagram is about, and it will assist you in expanding your business, get Instagram followers and draw leads or sales.